3 Ways to Prevent Heat Damaged Naturally Curly Hair

If you’re like most naturally curly hair types ranging from 3b, 3c, 4b or 4c hair or a hair stylist, you’ve been on the search for a quality flat iron for your tresses. One that allows you to achieve salon quality results without resulting in looser curls or heat damage. The dreaded words “heat damage” has far too many stories to tell when it comes to styling natural hair.  We’ve found 3 simple methods you can follow to forever avoid heat damaged hair, regardless of your hair pattern! Yes, it’s possible!

1. Protein Treatment

What is heat damage? Heat damage occurs to the hair shaft when applying tools that are extremely hot, burning the strands. Often times it’s the point of no return and it becomes hard to revert back to your original curly hair state. Only to have to snip away at years of hard work growing out your hair. We’re talking years of sweat and tears! To protect the hair and minimize the chance of heat damage using heat tools, always prep your hair before and after using products formulated with hydrolyzed proteins. Hydrolyzed proteins derived from soy, quinoa, wheat, silk or keratin work to strengthen the hair from within and reduce the likelihood of breakage.

2. Tension Free Blow Dryer

We highly recommend the Rev Air Hair dryer! Avoid blow dryers with comb attachments that snag and pull, causing damage from tension and direct heat. The Rev Air blow dryer solves this problem by straightening your hair with air suction, similar to a vacuum. The result is straightened hair that makes the flat ironing process much easier!

Other methods of getting your hair straight before a flat iron is roller setting or blow drying using the tension method (gently pulling strands while drying with your hands).

3. 100% Ceramic Hair Straighteners

What if heat damage was preventable, no matter how many times you made a pass with the flat iron? The good news is that we found a solution! We know you visited this blog because you were curious to find the best flat iron for curly hair types. In all honesty this advice applies to ALL HAIR TYPES! You must FORGET all the flat irons readily available in the stores. That’s right, the babyliss flat iron and chi hair straightener IF they are thinly ceramic coated and not 100% plated.

If you have tight, type 4 curls, 100% ceramic plated irons are more beneficial than cheaper flat irons because they protect the hair from heat damage caused by uneven heat spots. Ceramic irons transmit heat using deep infrared which is gentle on hair, especially thin or fragile strands. Thinly coated flat irons will not protect your hair from heat damage if they wear and chip over time. Nor will titanium flat irons, the worst type of flat iron for naturally curly hair types. With titanium flat irons, you get sleek results, but after multiple uses, heat damage.  That is, heat trained hair starting from the very first use. If you’re looking for the best flat iron for the smoothest, sleekest, shiniest, long lasting styles that will revert back to its original bouncy curls without any setbacks, shop for 100% ceramic plated hair straighteners. These plates are made with layers of pure ceramic that will not wear or peel away over time to expose metals that can burn and heat damage your hair.

Some 100% ceramic flat irons we recommend include the HerStyler, FHI Heat Runway and H2Pro Ceramic Flat Irons. These flat irons do great in retaining the moisture in the hair while keeping it straight and shiny for long periods of time!

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