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Learning Corner

Ingredients you can pronounce.

All Natural Brand

Non-Toxic & Plant Based

Ethically sourced, organic and farm to table

For All Hair & Skin Types

Wash day in 30 min or less

Hypoallergenic Soap

1st and only 100% sunflower based cleansers on the market!

100% Natural Preservatives

No chemicals or skin sensitivities


You deserve simply the best!

We were once like you, label reading through aisles of countless supermarkets and left without personal care products to buy. The reason: They contained our allergens. In 2016, Naturally Free was born in an effort to avoid harsh chemicals and major allergens commonly found in hair and skin care. Our products are formulated for all skin types and hair textures seeking a toxic free lifestyle. We believe you deserve simply the best ingredients free from your allergens. No coconut, shea butter, argan and sesame in any of our products to name a few! It’s our mission to use natural, safe, organic and plant based ingredients. We don’t make anything that isn’t effective or you can’t pronounce.

- Naturally Free

Begin your natural journey! #NaturallyFreeBeauty

Over 1,000,000 Products Sold!