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Achieving the perfect silk press starts with a good foundation of moisture and protein balance. The Naturally Free Silk Press Bundle preps your hair for thermal heat styling by protecting the strands from heat damage. Also can be used when you need an extra boost of moisture in your parched strands. Formulated with natural fruit proteins to combat dryness, hair loss and breakage 10X like watermelon amino acids, banana and avocado.

Strengthens, softens and stimulates hair growth. Eliminates frizz, Adds shine and slip. Plant based ingredients, naturally watermelon scented & 100% natural!

Bundle Includes:
Prep - Naturally Free Frizz Control Prepoo
Cleanse - Naturally Free Watermelon Protein Shampoo
Balance - Naturally Free Watermelon Protein Conditioner
Protect - Naturally Free Watermelon Thermal Mist

Recommended Use

Silk Press
Thermal Styling
Prevent Heat Damage
Frizz Control
Restores Moisture

Key Ingredients

Watermelon Seeds

Amino acids prevent hair breakage


Restores moisture


Prevents frizz


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