100% Silk Glam Band

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Why You'll Love It!

The Naturally Free 100% Silk Glam Band is a brand new way to sleep! Protects your hair and style while resting on a satin or silk pillowcase and prevents an oily face. Also wearable while lounging, applying makeup, skin care products and more! Allows for air circulation to the scalp while you sleep. Want to slick down your edges? Apply some gel, wrap the band around edges for 15 minutes and unveil a sleeker finish.

When wearing this glam band, tie your hair up in a pineapple or allow it to flow free, it’s up to you! For short to long styles and all hair types. Machine washable. Hypoallergenic silk fabric material.

How To Use

Wrap around edges to protect hair style.
Adjustable pad fits all head sizes.
Wear before sleep, during skin/ makeup application or lounging.

Key Features

Sleep Band
Air Circulation To Scalp
Skin/ Makeup Application
For Sleeking Edges
Comfortable & Secure Fit
100% Natural Silk

100% Mulberry Silk, Elastic-Free Material, Love & Healthy Hair!


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